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Terrible Traders/Buyers/Sellers


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reached out to people he was selling to on twitter, telling them not to give him their money...this was one of the responses i got.



Haha that conversation you had is awesome, I hope you sent him links to all the threads n shit. I got yo back btw, albeit a bit late.

I still have no clue how to use twitter.

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Yeah, his twitter says 20 also.

At 20 years old I was already out of the house, working (and going to school) full-time, paying for rent, bills, and still had change leftover to buy some records.

At 20 this kid is living at home, having his parents bail him out of his record-selling internet scam, and tweeting about being in a bad mood and chain-smoking cigarettes while listening to Brand New. To quote The Specials, he is pretty much the textbook definition of a "little bitch."

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anyone have problems with blackholesun?


Purchased an alum several months ago. It as never received. He took awhile to ship at first and i messaged him and he said he was delayed, but that it was shipped. Been several months havent received anything and he hasnt responded to any of my messages.


Sorry for your loss. The lesson here is no matter what excuse a seller gives, open a paypal dispute on day 44.

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Saw this Halloween w/lyrics for $90 BIN. Too good to be true and seller has no feedback.


The last big scammer used images from popsike and cropped images where you could not see the edges of the sleeves.


So I found this:

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here's something pretty funny (at least i think so): someone on eBay is selling the new touche amore 7" box set, they have no feedback whatsoever and then have the nerve to say if you have less than 5 feedback ratings you have to message them first of the bid with be cancelled. sounds pretty shady to me

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First on the list is tms2787

Bought an Outkast record off him at the beginning of June, hadn't received anything after a month, messaged him, he logged in multiple times after each message sent, finally decided to open a case to get my money back. BEWARE!


Second on the list is horrorshow696

Very similar story, bought a Deftones record off him, said he would let me know when shipped. 3 weeks goes by, no answer back. I went to go message him about it as it was while I was filing the claim for the above incident, and noticed he left the conversation. This seemed sketch, so I messaged him all the transactions details and waited a few days. Few days passed, no reply or record, so I opened a case as it was supper sketchy. Sure enough that day I get a message claiming he has been buys at work thats why he couldn't reply, my record was already sent, since I didn't pay extra I didnt get tracking, USPS customs info stated it left but that was it. So I explained the situation above to him and said look I'm sorry, just seemed sketchy, when I get the record I will close the case, and can you send me the customs number. Wake up this morning to a refund sitting in my paypal account, so obviously he fucked me and got caught if he just sent a refund.

Dont deal with this clown!

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About three weeks ago, I purchased 2 records from sewbr0DRONE, PayPal-ed the money almost immediately after communicating with him.


I still do not have said records and my emails and messages are falling on deaf ears. I have a feeling I am losing money on this one and I am pissed. Everyone be on the lookout if this dude ever makes a return.



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My side? I shipped item. Customs info shows it entering Canada. Buyer files PayPal dispute. PayPal tells me customs tracking info isn't good enough to refute his claim. So, I cut to the chase and gave him a refund. Didn't drag anything out or do anything besides resolve it immediately. And yea, small sample size with one of the two negatives I have being this buyer. Now I'm out the $ and the item.

I've had plenty more sales than the ones I have feedback for. Unfortunately most casual users don't bother leaving positive feedback.

quote name="minor incident" post="1590528" timestamp="1375302949"]

(Yes, small sample size and all that, but you know what I'm saying)

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