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PO - Death Cab for Cutie - The Barsuk Years LMTD Ed Collection

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Feel bad about buying Transatlanticism, The Photo Album, and Something About Airplanes off of someone who purchased this box set.


Oh hey, haha.


I mean when it really comes down to it, they're just labels.  I support the sticker idea.  It's not like I'm gonna be selling these off anyway.

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To my knowledge my transatlantism and something about airplanes are fine.


same, i just checked and these two are the only records with the right labels.


apart from that a couple of the records are slightly warped, there's a dark stain on the front of the case, and the sleeves have some bent corners and dents from where they hit the cardboard slots in the box. i think i'd be more willing to overlook most of this stuff if not for the price.

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This has to be a Rainbo Records fuck up - that plant is terrible. I'm willing to bet that's the case. What does the matrix look like? I know Pirates has their name on the matrix usually

I just read that thread that was posted about the Beck & Sigur Ros boxsets being messed up and they mentioned those were Rainbo pressings and that AinR were frustrated with them and were looking to work with someone else on future projects.


Guess AinR lied.

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