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SS: Batman,Wavves, Blackbird Raum, the Wild, Ramshackle Glory, Venia, N.I.V., Call to Preserve

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the lot is sold. sale is over. thanks!

This is the leftovers of my set sale. You can also buy all of these records for 25ppd.


Blackbird Raum/Hail Seizures split 7" (black /900)-$2

Call to Preserve-Validation 7" (white /200)-$2

Venia-I've Lost All Faith in Myself 7" (clear gold /202)-$2


Carnivores-If I'm Ancient 12" (black)-$2

Hans Zimmer-The Dark Knight Rises OST (black)-$10

No Innocent Victim-Flesh and Blood 12" (white)-$2

No Innocent Victim-To Burn Again 12" (clear 51/100)-$2

Ramshackle Glory-Live the Dream 12" (black)-$4

Venia-Frozen Hands 12" (gold /125)-$3

Wavves-King of the Beach 12" (black)-$5

The Wild-Set Ourselves Free 12" (black)-$4

free with other purchase

Country Joe and The Fish-Greatest Hits 12" (black)

Doubledealer-Demo MMIX 7” (purple /470)

Dodgin' Bullets-Earn Your Respect 12" (gold /100)

Jefferson Airplane-Bless It's Pointed Little Head 12" (black)

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