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Tool Vinyl BUYING GUIDE (Original/Boots, etc.)

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My Opiate has printed inners and all the rest of the first pressing stuff... but no parental advisory sticker. It was bought used in 2003 according to the price tag I left on the poly sleeve. I'm assuming some of these may have just had the sticker on the shrink instead of the sleeve itself? Or do I have a first pressing record/inners w/ a second pressing sleeve? Not a big deal, just came across this thread and got curious!

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Sooooo...let me understand this.    Dude walks in here and gives his honest & lengthy opinion & review of the song as a fan of the band, and people are giving him shit & calling

reported for spreading illegal downloads 

Women have been afraid to speak up about sexual assault/harassment/abuse forever.  So until millions of innocent men are harmed, "me too" has not gone too far.   "Innocent until proven guilt

I really appreciate finding this board.  I’ve inherited vinyl collections over the years and am paring some stuff down.  One of my buds was into Tool.  Me, not so much.  Accord to the post at the beginning of this thread, my buddy had/and now I have some collectible Tool.


Opiate appears to be a 1st pressing (Printed inner sleeve, BLACK center labels.)  Undertow appears to be the original 1993 promo w/out "Digustipated" on clear vinyl.  I’m not sure about Ænima.  It’s black vinyl with printed sleeves, but the center labels are really washed out.  Would that make it the 2nd pressing?  Could it be a boot?  I would appreciate some help verifying these before I try to sell.










(Trying to link to images for the first time in this forum, after some fussing, got 'em.)


If it turns out to be a legit official press, I will pay you/trade you something for that Ænima.

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Topher, thanks for the welcome and the info.  I was unclear at first about what you meant: bags/sleeves vs. double-side inserts.  But I think I figured it out: they are definitely sleeves the records fit into.  Aenima would appear to be a legit 2nd pressing, with very washed out center labels.  I could barely make out the silver lines, until I knew what to look for (found it here!).  I will be selling these albums, but don't want to clutter this useful thread with the hagglin'.  Not sure if I'll go eBay or in the VC for sale board.

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Hi all, found this thread after googling about Tool vinyl.


I have a sealed test pressing of Aenima, the 2nd press. It came with with back and front cover sleeve, and two white cardoboard sleeves that contain the pressings. Funnily enough the white cardboard sleeves don't fit inside the cover - they're too big. 


Here's some photos - the last photo is of the centre label of another test pressing I tracked down, as mine is still sealed. 


I purchased the pressing off ebay seller themusic24 in around 2004ish.







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You won't know whats on it until you spin it! What if some sick and twisted bastard sold you a pressing of something else with the label just stuck on it....

Hmmmmmmm just sayin/.....

After the amount of research I did the odds are impossibly slim...

I have come close to opening it a few times, normally when drunk. I've always stopped myself though. I should never ever be anywhere near my turntable when I'm drunk.

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I can't find a definitive answer anywhere.

Does anyone have ANY of the Lateralus boots? I have the pic discs, but would like to add a Lat boot to my collection. I'm wondering which one sounds the best.

I don't understand how so many people have an issue with poor quality on the Lateralus pic discs. Did you guys clean the records using DISTILLED water? I bought mine about 6 years ago. Took it home, washed it in my Spin Clean and it has sounded fantastic ever since.

The discs were not made like normal pic discs. The image is underneath a different material than the normal pic disc

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Sorry to resurrect this, but for those of you with the second press of Aenima (cat #72445 11087 1), does your copy have the matrix number on the bottom on the spine? Do copies exist without the matrix number at the bottom of the spine? I ask because the copy I'm looking to purchase passes every test, except that.

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I've wondered the same thing before. The discogs listing for that version says that there is a "faint" and "hard to see" catalog number on the spine, but my copy doesn't have one at all and is different from the discogs pics that show the #. I bought my copy in either 96 or 97 new from Generation Records in NYC so I'm positive that it is a legit copy.

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I've got the chance of getting my hands on a sealed first press of AEnima. Everything looks legit; the only thing is the shrink on the back looks odd to me. Picture below - is it age or a resealed item? Could the shrink have stuck to the sleeve? Or something else? Maybe it's just the way records were sealed 20+ years ago and everything's fine.



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I really wish there was a non-picture disc version of Lateralus on black vinyl with the tracklist in tact from the CD version. It would have fit just fine in that order. I don't know why they felt they had to jigger it.

It exists.

I own a copy. Granted, it IS a boot. But yes its on black vinyl, original CD trackilist (direct copy from im sure), and a gatefold as well.

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