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Tool Vinyl BUYING GUIDE (Original/Boots, etc.)

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Anyone have or know anything about this Lateralus? http://www.discogs.com/Tool-Lateralus/release/7614474

Pretty sure thats just another colored bootleg. Someone just posted the wrong pic. The description says it has a sticker on the sleeve. Sounds like one of the boots with the Lateralus sticker on the jacket.

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Sooooo...let me understand this.    Dude walks in here and gives his honest & lengthy opinion & review of the song as a fan of the band, and people are giving him shit & calling

reported for spreading illegal downloads 

Women have been afraid to speak up about sexual assault/harassment/abuse forever.  So until millions of innocent men are harmed, "me too" has not gone too far.   "Innocent until proven guilt

19 years of being sealed would bend corners. The very 1990's shrink wrap and sleeve texture visible definitely imply an original.

I agree. But I wasnt saying the corners look dinged up. I was saying it appears they they are actually rounded on purpose originally. Like Obsucerd by Clouds by P Floyd.

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oh ok cool. yeah that's just the shrink tightening up.

As long as you know what you are buying, then I say go for it, as long as you don't mint the damage to the jacket. Is it the first or 2nd press (darker labels)? May I ask what you can get it for?


As far as I can tell it's this one:




Though not any of those listed there.


As for how much, I'm not telling. If you want to say how much you think it's worth, I will say less or more but nothing more than that.

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Seller unsealed it for shipping and the inners had not been inserted into the sleeve with care when it was originally manufactured. Big folds on both inners on one corner (bottom left below):




The vinyl looks Mint, so I guess something like this would concern you more if you were paying $800 than if you were paying $400. Opinions?


Oh, and Tool are touring next year (8 dates in January) you lucky Americans:



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I've got the chance of getting my hands on a sealed first press of AEnima. Everything looks legit; the only thing is the shrink on the back looks odd to me. Picture below - is it age or a resealed item? Could the shrink have stuck to the sleeve? Or something else? Maybe it's just the way records were sealed 20+ years ago and everything's fine.




Got the same type of shrink on my OG..

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My guess is yes, it's a waste of time to wait for it. Anyone grab tix for the upcoming tour? Nothing released for my area yet.

yep. Just got my tickets in today actually for the Nashville show January 23rd. Will be my first time seeing them and I cannot put into words how excited I am.
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Ive seen them 6 times. You wont be disappointed. Just dont expect to actually SEE Maynard.

That's what I've heard from a few different people now. I'm sure it's going to be insane. I read a recent interview with one of the band members about the lights they are bringing with them, and even reading about those got me pumped.
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yep. Just got my tickets in today actually for the Nashville show January 23rd. Will be my first time seeing them and I cannot put into words how excited I am.

I've got tickets for Nashville too! I'll be in section 203, what about you?

It'll be my third time seeing them, I saw them once in 2001, and once in 2006. First time seeing Primus though.

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