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GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

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Those pics were all gathered from a google search for "Hall and Oates sexy pics" Strangely, when typing in "Hall and Oates sexy pics" I got to the s in sexy and google filled it with "satanists." I guess there are more people out there concerned about Hall and Oates' affiliation with the Devil than there are people out there looking for sexy Hall and Oates pics.

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fuck, i have a chest cold and sound like i'm gonna cough up a fuckin gremlin but i have no sick time so here i sit, incubating in my cubicle. normally i'd say fuck it and go home without pay but i'm supposed to be off all next week lol


I'm actually stuck at work with the flu right now.  We're so short-handed that I can't call in sick.  Ugh.

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