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So for those who didn't see it last night, SHE SAID YES! I've have never had this many notifications on my phone at one time before. I'm still digging through them.

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I have been at my office job  for 6 years...


In the past 45 days, I have had cut:

  • My vacation (not once, but twice)
  • A side project I was doing each month cut (so my pay is now $300 less per month)
  • My holidays (I no longer have off for Memorial Day, Independence Day and a couple others).


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On 4/29/2017 at 7:27 PM, Bladewillisisdead said:

Went to the Thursday show last night. Managed to lose a shoe jumping into the crowd for the "Cant we die!" part in Cross Out the Eyes. Took me 3 fucking songs to find it.


I rember back in the day if someone dropped some shit, you picked it up and held it over your head. Kids were just standing on my shoe like it wasn't even there.

I'm too big to crowd surf or anything (nobody wants to catch my tall ass) but if someone loses shit that's like standard protocol. It uuuuusually happens here but I know I always do. I remember one time I called some dude's cell phone so it'd light up and we would see it. I only ever have the problem with shitty crowds when the crowd is mostly kids my age. Like the time someone tried to start a pit at a Turnover show. That was when I finally understood why some people like the age restricted shows. Only have those kinds of crowds at Topshelf Records-core kinda shows.


Just finished the ACT about an hour ago. Hoping that went well.

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That Amazon Prime account came through for me, and my power supply is here! Got the table all hooked back up, and am spending the evening listening to records after not being able to do so for almost 2 weeks. Definitely not a big fan of having my system down for the count.

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15 minutes ago, Holo said:

Does anyone have some cool band prints? My new room will have some more wall space and I need some shit. Those Mars Volta ones are really tempting...



dude has some terrific Godspeed! You Black Emperor, and Om prints too. Some other really neat ones also. I've finally managed to get all three of the matching big sleep tour posters he did.

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21 minutes ago, Holo said:

Does anyone have some cool band prints? My new room will have some more wall space and I need some shit. Those Mars Volta ones are really tempting...

Don't think anything is available at the moment, but this dude is absolutely my favorite working artist right now:

He does a ton of work for the Avett Brothers, and frequently has limited run prints go up for sale. Here's one of my favorites

(I have the original print of this, with no text, hanging right above my record player!)

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52 minutes ago, DOMAN127 said:

I was gonna listen to it this afternoon but so far I've heard nothing but good. What's not good about it?

It sounds like his voice doesn't have the range it used too, but he doesn't realize that.  Vocals are a bit rough all the way through.  That and the song writing seems to fluctuate between boring and cheesy.


13 minutes ago, Thomas³ said:

I didn't like any of the singles, but I still want to give it a listen soon.

I think the singles were a good indication of what to expect from the album.  I'll give it another listen next week.  Unless something grabs me then, that'll probably be my last listen.


6 minutes ago, Holo said:

Just finished an AP test and was excited to jam the whole time. I'm still hopeful. 

I haven't spent any time in the thread for it, so I'm not sure if other people are digging it or not.  Might just be me that din't care for it :)

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3 hours ago, Thomas³ said:

I almost paid $60 to fix the lightning port on my phone, because it would not charge. Thankfully I decided to look in it. It had a ton of lint and dust compressed in the bottom, so I cleaned it out and it's as good as new. Crazy how much crap gets in there from your pocket.

The lightning ports are such garbage for that reason.  I was bitching about how my phone wasn't charging right and a co-worker suggested giving it a good cleaning, fixed it right up.  Now I do it about once a month.

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