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21 hours ago, Ishtar said:

Watched Hereditary not too long ago. It was spooky.

Hereditary is great.


I've watched a lot of terrible horror movies recently (not hard to find). but a couple good stand-outs are Before I Wake and The Evil Within (minus Sean Patrick Flanery's really, REALLY bad performance)

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19 hours ago, DecayToDeath said:

I loved Hereditary, but I would've loved it more if there weren't 16-17 year old girls in front of me talking over the movie and vaping in my fucking face throughout

If they were vaping vaping, fuck that. I would 100% fine with someone reasonably hitting a weed vape pen a few times.


When I saw Hereditary I told the dude behind me to shit the fuck up about 20 seconds into the movie and didn't have any further problems.

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On 9/17/2018 at 10:43 PM, marc32137 said:

I’m rappelling an 8-story building for charity in November and I need help getting donations. If you can help out, anything is appreciated and sharing the link helps too!



Bumping this because the event is 2 weeks away and I'm only 38% towards my goal. This benefits special needs children so please help if you can! Thanks everyone!

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