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GatorPrideSonnn Memorial Thread

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i'm going to see my friend who is a dubstep producer.... perform? at a club tomorrow night.


so uh.... how do i dance to dubstep? what do i do?


awkwardly hold my beer and nod my head?


just look at what other people do.  You kind of like move around weirdly and try to look as cool as possible while doing something that doesn't look cool at all.  Move your hands a lot, kick a lot, try not to hit people...  It's kind of fun.

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This is one of my best friends. He moved to NY a few years back a d has been trying to do his. Figured id post it here rather a new thread.


Free download of the ep. http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/20151/ryan-notes-an-american-tragedy.html

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Ugh. Took my dad to an immediate care facility by my house. They thought he might have a collapsed lung or pneumonia. So I had to take him to the hospital. They just tell him he is sick as hell and give him some antibiotics. Had a mini freak out when they gave the initial news. Glad it wasn't serious, but I had to wait around for 5 hours for him to finally get released. 

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