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The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?

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its almost always between 10:30-11:15 CST.

What he said. And it was still available until right before 3PM CST. I sadly just watched the page because I couldn't come up with enough money to buy this because I had to use almost all the money I had to go to an important doctors appointment yesterday. But my health comes first regardless of how badly I wanted this. Hopefully I'll have enough money to grab this if anyone ends up having buyers remorse down the line.

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Guardians of the Galaxy was an open preorder edition and people were flipping them. It's almost like people are oblivious.



People were flipping that open addition Star Wars print that Bottleneck had a couple of weeks ago... amazing how some people just throw money at things without even thinking.

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funny, that's still $10 less than what it would cost me from mondo with shipping and import tax. So people aren't really selling it for flipper prices, just overseas prices :)

It would have cost about $390 Canadian for me to buy the set too. I actually passed on a few recent releases to save up for/justify buying this set but I just couldn't pull the trigger for that much money.

Oh well. Guess I can track down the Broken Social Scene reissues now (which I will actually listen to repeatedly).

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I got my Drumcell 12" in today, and the thing is damn beautiful. The black whisps on it are really pronounced. It came in a plastic sleeve though, so it was pretty damn noisy when I gave it a spin. Hopefully moving it to a MoFi sleeve and giving it a thorough cleaning will improve the sound.


But seriously, fuck putting your record in a plastic sleeve.

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