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The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?

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Well the slipcase is a pretty cool bonus. Never listened to the sequels, just hope they get rid of all the dialogue in he first one. Haven’t 2&3 already been reissued? And still affordable? Never liked the idea of a bunch of pointless reissues when previous pressings are still easily obtainable 


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All of the scores contain fairly different music. Not nearly as much rehashed/reused as on the F13 series outside of the main theme. And even that gets pretty different treatments from film to film. That said, unless you want to collect the new artwork, it sounds like H2&3 will be the same presentations as before, music and master-wise. Perhaps H1 as well.

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36 minutes ago, clerk3745 said:

YES I vaguely enjoyed that the first time I listened, but by the time I got to side C I was pretty annoyed with it. Now I kinda shy away from listening to this at all because of it.

Yeah seriously. It’s very annoying. Definitely takes away from the music, and it’s SO MUCH. Like every other track is dialogue. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a few. Hope they get rid of it 

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1 hour ago, Rickylovas said:

The slip case is cool, but this is the only Halloween soundtrack I really need.

I could see my self possibly picking up part 3 depending on the art, but that'd be it.


I like how you had Prince sign it. Very unique. 

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4 hours ago, ✦ S U N S H I N E ✦ 日 光 ♡♡ said:

If I'm counting correctly two people like it and two people don't so it's pretty even ha


3 hours ago, Shrekular Haze said:

I'm more of a fan of the splatter variant art.


3 hours ago, lethalenforcer said:

Splatter +1. One of my favorites.


The all-white faced one looks like it belongs on the blocky body of LEGO Mikey Meyers.


1 hour ago, Saxonjulin said:

This is the one I have. Love the art


20 minutes ago, Dougie Jones said:

This one is very tight butthole. Wish I had it. I'll be buying the new one at retail though.

4-4 lol

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