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The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?

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Lost is such a strange release... on one hand, the music is absolutely gorgeous, and I find it to be far better than the studio recordings. Plus the box and inner sleeves are all very nice. On the other, the talking between songs is a bit much... Especially the hokey “letters” on Side E. Along with the artwork, it seems like the album really is more of an album for the concert, than an album for Lost. Could have just cut out all the fluff and it would have been a much better release. 

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14 hours ago, Rip said:

Man I really, really want that Lodge soundtrack going up this week by why did they have to put it in a screen-printed poly sleeve?  There’s no way this company has no idea about outgassing issues, right?

Lol, no kidding... Especially coming from Spencer who has quite the $ set-up. 

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5 hours ago, Rip said:

Deathwaltz actually responded to my comment on Instagram.  Apparently there’s a gatefold edition coming in a few weeks and this version is more of a “limited special edition.”  Definitely gonna wait on that gatefold version though.

They have a point about it being limited, you'll probably only have about 6 months to play it before the chemical reaction makes it unlistenable.

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