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The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?

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The film is a fucking masterpiece, I really couldn't stand the trailers after loving the book so much but the film is such a beautiful adaptation, much different from what the trailers are suggesting. Saw it twice already and the imax screening was absolutely mind melting. Zimmer hit it out of the park as well, a Mondo release would be great news.

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13 minutes ago, iwokeinrelief said:

Glad I remembered the drop!  I almost always forget the Wednesday record drops for some reason.

Same. At around 12:15 I had a bit of an anxiety episode trying to make sure it was Wednesday and the drop was at 1pm (my time)...Inhaled my lunch and was at the computer at 1pm on the dot...nabbed one. 


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Gosh dang it. They used to have a counter on their Drop section, but it's no longer there. Needs to come back. I can't keep track of time zones. Went and did some stuff and came back to see it's sold out. 3 on ebay for $150+

Granted... their verbiage is super vague and sounds like they're going to press more of this, albeit not colored or not numbered, something like that. "Initial pressing of 3000 numbered copies on colored vinyl."

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Also, because I'd love to see the practice stop as well, I took my time to report every Dune and UP vinyl listing on eBay. The policy is found here https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/listing-policies/presale-listings-policy?id=4252

It states it must say it is a presale item, the date when it will ship, and that date must be within 30 days of purchase. So even those that just say "Preorder" in the title do not absolve themselves. They can't ship this in 30 days because it won't exist for 4+ months. On desktop, there is a "Report Item" link near the description. You have to fill in 3 drop downs which should be:

Report Category: "Listing Practices"
Reason for Report: "Inappropriate seller terms"
Detailed Reason: "Presale"

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