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The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?

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2 hours ago, MCDELTAT said:

Lol I just found out about Mondo’s No Cancellation policy. Honestly kinda lame, but I guess if anyones gonna have one, it’d be them.


can imagine a bunch of flippers were just grabbing everything from them without reading descriptions, quantities, etc and then just hoping they could get it cancelled.


So anyways, if you want the 2xLP Dune at cost when it ships, let me know. While it’s a great score for the film, I couldn’t connect with it outside of the film.

Couldn't you just cancel the charge on your credit card?

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5 hours ago, stl_ben said:

Sounds like a dick move / way to get blocked from future sales


I agree about the blocking thing. That was my one concern. This is not a product made to order situation like if they get 379 orders they press 379 records…so I disagree. As a consumer why would they have the right to hold your money for a situation like this? I wouldn’t do it to a small business or timed-preorder for a small run item.  

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Ugh damnit this Phenomena looks amazing. Annoyed about the double dipping between Waxworks and Mondo with their basically similar releases, but this one is teasing the three “unreleased” cues (even though I thought Waxworks said the same thing with their release years ago). And it still seems like they’re keeping the bands off of these releases—thankfully I have that OG Creepers OST for that. But yeah, this artwork and variant look killer. Just wish there was more clarity on what these cues are…

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