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Attn: My Hardcore Brethren

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These bands are sick. Power Trip has a nasty sound, I didn't even understand what the fuck I was hearing the first time I heard them. I just got the Rude Awakening 7" in a few days ago. Good picks.



Live set of Rude Awakening at This Is Hardcore 2012.



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Interesting. I guess I'm 15.

Out of curiosity what song/songs led you to that conclusion?


not saying you are. just making a generalization. 


and those 2 video links and 1 other on youtube. they carry the insipid lyrical poeticism of a cheesy 8th grade straight edge band and stock riffage of typical late 90's eastcoast/NY hardcore mixed in with a tinge of rock (thinking quicksand) to try to pass as original.


just my subjective opinion of course. then again i'm old and think most nu- 4th/5th gen hardcore sucks in general.

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someone mentioning righteous jams reminded me of mental too.  used to love those dudes.


that whole Lockin' Out band roster/era was insane.  those bands were so hyped it was insane.  Guns Up!, not even a great band by any means, final show was literally insane. 

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anyone hit up any posi #'s fests back in the day?  i was at either the '03 or '04 one.. i remember kids used to go crazy for posi # exclusive records


nope, always was able to snag tours before/after that weekend in Erie, booked some sweet shows around that fest.  got a posi# CBK turn it around before the fest

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also it's a shame that i have lived in cleveland all my life and never saw 9 shocks terror



also this reminds me that Spudmonsters is another great band.





...How......that is...unpossible...?



I've probably seen 9 Shocks Terror more than I've seen any other band.  Thrash Fest Minneapolis 2001 with 9 shocks terror was amazing.  Their set involved charcol, flour, vinyl records and firecrackers everywhere.  I had to back the fuck off because flying 7's to the face were not something I was a fan of.


I'll try and check around and see if I can track down any of the videos of that show or others.


I am kind of forgetting the lineup but the guitarist? also was the lead singer in the band Gordon Solie Motherfuckers who are amazing.




I actually went to, what a the time was, the last show of Gordon Solie Mother Fuckers in Cleveland.  Drove 14ish hours with my brother and a friend to see them then drove back.  That show was hilariously awesome.  The leadsinger of Gordon Solie Motherfuckers had a bike lock on a chain that he was twirling around and smashed himself in the face with.  He was bleeding something fierce.  Later we found out that afterward he had to drive himself to the hospital and get 18 stitches in the face.  The show also was the closest I've been to being trapped inside a burning building.  A skid of phone books were sitting outside and people started taking those and tearing them up and throwing that around, along with foolish amounts of fireworks.  When we were leaving the venue all you saw is smoke billowing out of every open door and window. 


I may not be much of a hardcore fan these days but I miss the raw fun of hardcore shows.  Plus some of the stories are just amazing.


Thrashfest Chicago was another chaos filled show that lead to a fun story.  This was at a posh Chicago University, Chicago School of Pyschology, maybe.  While the fest was going on there was an Alumni event going on upstairs.  Nothing better than seeing a bunch of people dressed to the 9s coming walking down the hall towards the venue looking terrified.  The show got stopped when they saw people flying around the Chandalier was just basically a pendulum.  I swore that sucker was going to fall.  Felix Havoc was able to find a new venue to finish the fest at and we started heading over there and the neighborhood was getting worse and worse.  After we parked and started heading to the show that is when the paddy wagons showed up and were going to arrest anyone who tried entering the venue.  When we were heading out a guy came onto his porch and asked us "What did you bunch of white boys do to get so many cops to show up?"  We talked with him for a while with him joking around about they whole scenario.  When I got back to work I was telling a guy who grew up in a rough part of chicago and when we told him where we were he flipped out at us.  Apparently we were 2 blocks from Cabrini Green.  He said that he never would have stepped foot anywhere near there.





Here are some of my favorite hardcore bands from back in the day;


Wisconsin based - United Super Villians, Kung Fu Rick and Remission


Spazz, What Happens Next, Vitamin X, R.A.M.B.O., Limp Wrist, Behind Enemy Lines, Ultimate Warriors



















This thread is actually making me like hardcore again, or remember my love of hardcore. 



Don't know why I'm having issues linking videos.  Maybe it has to do with to many in a post, anyways it's worth checking those out if you love hardcore.  Most of them you should know if you were into hardcore in the early 2000s

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