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VC Fantasy Hockey League

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4 hours ago, jacobraccuia said:

I've set so many notifications but I'm so worried I'm gonna miss it!

Haha me too. After all my talk about the job I was going to maybe get, I just found out yesterday that I got it, but it now doesn't start until the end of October. So I'm now ready to draft me some players.

Over/under on Auston Matthews' draft round? I say round 3...

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2 hours ago, onlettingjoe said:

i tried setting my pre-draft rankings with their shitty app since the draft was at 4AM where I'm at and needed to autodraft...ended up with Kessel at the #4 pick. #championship 

That's too bad. I got up at 4AM for the draft, went pretty smooth and was back in bed by 5 I think. Though I am kind of suffering the consequences today, it really shows when you're no teenager no more.

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