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VC Fantasy Hockey League

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prepare to be sad if we keep it as a keeper league again

I can't fucking forget this tonight.

I'll be back on the forum for this thread only. 

2 hours ago, whoshotthefrog said:

I noticed the max moves were already changed from 8 to 5. Shouldn't we have voted on this before actually making the switch?

Probably did that on accident when I was looking at the settings, it’s not permanent if we don’t all agree.

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Semi-related, probably not a terrible idea to start talking about what time/date works for drafting.  I know it will be pretty hard with Max and Ian being 9 or 10 timezones apart, but we can try to find something that works.  Like what about Sunday Sept 30 at 1 or 2 Eastern, which will be evening in Europe, morning in California? Just a thought. 

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1 hour ago, onlettingjoe said:

are there any other days that work well for the league for the draft? the 30th is rough for me, will be on a plane/traveling from 1PM EST to 9PM PST.

pay for the wifi, draft on the plane

I could do Saturday the 29th instead, weekdays are gonna be a bit tough to navigate logistically i imagine.

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18 minutes ago, Sidney Crosley said:

Hey @IanRees, could I pay my dues via Paypal somehow? I get ripped off with the exchange on my credit card because it converts currency at lousy rates from Canadian, plus I have a USD Paypal balance. Is there any way to add that as on option on League Safe?

that's fine, Mesi does it that way too.

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2 hours ago, IanRees said:

that's fine, Mesi does it that way too.

I'll pay up in a couple of days, just topped up my paypal account which will process in a couple of days.


Also, I can't access the league via the renewal email so I can't look up last year's roster, it says :


You are not allowed to view this page because you are not in this league. (Error #152)


Anyone else have the same problem?


Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out, I used the wrong email address. 

Edited by mesi
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I Understand, I'll disable it for this website