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I am trying to get some money back after some heavy spending this past month / in anticipation for more heavy spending this month. This is a mostly set sale with offers on items I don't want to particularly part with unless for the right price or trade.

Prices on the left are if you buy multiple and want exact shipping. Prices on the right are single item ppd prices. Reasonable offers considered and I will cut a deal if you buy multiples (i.e. free $1-$2 items, free shipping, etc.). Trades are also encouraged. 


Black Merinos - S/T (NEW, /1000) $2 / $4ppd

Fuel - Take Effect (NM/EX) $4 / $6ppd

Lower Class Brats - The Worst E.P. (NM/EX, Green w/ White Splatter Import) $4 / $6ppd

Ressurection / Shades Apart - Out of Step / We Are the One (NM) $3 / $5ppd
The Rudiments - Terror in the Heartland (EX/EX) $2 / $4ppd


The Mars Volta - Televators (EX/NM, Yelow Vinyl)  $28 / $31ppd

Pacer - No. 1 (NM/NM, Electric Blue /200) $5 / $8ppd


The Anti-Nowhere League - Live in Yugoslavia (VG+/VG, First UK Pressing) $5 / $8.50ppd

Yo La Tengo - Here to Fall Remixes (NM/EX) $3 / $6.50ppd




No Fun At All - No Straight Angles (EX/EX) $3 / $5ppd

Satanic Surfers - Going Nowhere Fast (NM/NM, pretty much new just played 2x since buying last week)  $3 /  $5ppd



The Dead Milkmen - Bucky Fellini (EX/NM/VG+) $3 / $5ppd

Darkest Hour - Camo Fish SFAC (NWOT Small) $1.50 / $4ppd
Everlea - Black Star SFAC (NWOT Small) $1.50 / $4ppd

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