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I can’t believe this is the album I’ve decided to wait on listening to until release day, but here we are.  Only listening to Filthy til then.  But this Chris Stapleton song is the one I’m most anticipating.  Them two at the CMAs (or whatever stupid country awards show it was) KILLED it together.

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1 hour ago, The Saint said:

This album is fucking weird...

...like really fucking weird. Strange lyrics. All over the map musically. Jessica Biel making many appearances. And then there's Flannel...

...yet I'm enjoying it.

Weird is great word here. Totally agree. Aside from the occasional awkward lyrics (when he talks about her “pink” and his “purple” or his “faucet” lol) I enjoy the sound. There are times I admit, tho, that the “southern” (country) sounds + poppy/hip hop 808s sounds are a bit unsettling. I think because the whole country pop thing in mainstream country is so strong right now. That sound isn’t necessarily original or innovative.


But at the end of the day I’d rather hear JT pull it off than freakin Luke Bryan or Sam Hunt *immediately throws up after saying these names outloud*

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On 2/2/2018 at 1:27 PM, Andthejets27 said:

Can anyone that picked up the orange pressing comment on how it sounds?

Overall I thought it sounded good.  Bass is booming.  But there are definitely scratchy moments.  I didn’t clean it at all though so maybe it’ll help, but didn’t sound like noise that’ll be cured that way.  

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