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Set Sale: Retro Video games, Books, Cheap CDs. huge list.

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Whaddup y'all. I've got a speeding ticket to pay, 5 concert tix i want to buy, and i need gas to get to the shows. so i'm trying to sell all my shit... short of selling my records. PLEASE BUY AT LEAST $10 WORTH OF STUFF. ADD $4 FOR SHIPPING. if you want to buy an assload of stuff i could maybe cut a deal. let's talk. i'd prefer no international sales as they are complicated and hurt my head.






Free with purchase Madden 96

$2 Sub Terrania

$2 Toy Story

$3 Eternal champions (looks like dog got a hold of the case)

$4 Vectorman (blank case with Vectorman written on it)

$3 Animaniacs

$5 Aladdin

$20 Contra: Hard Corps

$2 Jurassic Park

$2 Judge Dredd

$12 Boogerman

$10 Rocketnight Adventures

$6 6-Pak

$3 The Lion King

$2 Taz in escape from Mars

$4 Alex Kidd in the enchanted castle



$3 X-Men 2 Clone Wars

$2 Clue

$2 Street fighter 2 Special Champion Edition

$2 Hard Drivin



$3 Stimpy’s Invention

$4 Golden Axe

$4 Sonic the hedgehog 3

$6 The adventures of Batman & Robin




$8 Super Mario World

$8 MTV’s Beavis & Butthead

$30 Super Mario RPG

$3 NBA Jam

$25 Kirby Superstar




$3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (x2)

$13 Super Contra

$15 Bubble Bobble

$2 Super Mario/duck hunt

$3 The little mermaid

$10 Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2: the arcade game



I worked at Borders during the liquidation. Nearly all of these are from the sale and have never been read.



$3 The Big rewind – Nathan Rabin

$5 Messages – Bonnie mceneaney

$5 Living dead in dallas – charlaine harris

$5 Dead until dark – charlaine harris

$2 Official book club selection – Kathy griffin

$3 One hit wonder – Charlie carillo

$5 Stuff that makes a gay heart weep – Hall

$5 Things I’ve learned from women who’ve dumped me – ben karlin

$5 Spilling the beans on the cat’s pajamas

$3 Happens everyday – Isabel gillies

$5 Rock and roll will save your life – steve almond

$6 Ripped – greg kot

$6 The fates will find their way – Hannah pittard

$5 The borrower – Rebecca makkai

$5 The great typo hunt – jeff deck

$5 Stranger than fiction – chuck palahniuk

$5 Survivor – chuck palahniuk

$5 Lullaby – chuck palahniuk

$5 Diary – chuck Palahniuk

$5 Fight club – chuck Palahniuk

$4 People who deserve it – casey rand

$6 A visit from the goon squad – Jennifer egan

$6 I don’t care about your band – Julie klausner

$6 The suicide index – joan wickersham

$5 The particular sadness of lemon cake – aimee bender

$7 Some things that meant the world to me – Joshua mohr

$4 Beta male – iain Hollingshead

$5 I hope they serve beer in hell – tucker max

$5 Haunted – chuck Palahniuk

$5 Choke – chuck Palahniuk

$3 I hate myself and want to die – tom Reynolds

$3 That’s what she said – Justin wishe

$6 The curious incident of the dog in the night time – mark haddon

$4 Retail hell – freeman hall



All of these are assumed in used/playable or better condition.

5 for $10



12 stones – 12 stones

A static lullaby – and don’t forget to breathe

Alien ant farm – anthology

Alkaline trio – from here to infirmary

Allister – last stop suburbia

Ben folds five – whatever & ever

Ben folds/nick Hornby – lonely avenue

Ben harper & the innocent criminals – lifeline

Billy talent – billy talent

Blink 182 – dude ranch

Blink 182 – enema of the state

Blood brothers -  crimes

Bowling For Soup – Drunk Enough to dance

Bowling for soup – let’s do it for johnny

Bowling for soup – rock on honorable ones

Box car racer – box car racer

Breaking Benjamin – saturate

Bright eyes – cassadaga

Bright eyes – digital ash

Butch walker – left to self centered

Coldplay – X&y

Colour revolt – plunder, beg,& curse

Crazy town – gift of game

Cursive – domestica

Cute is what we aim for – same old blood rush

Dashboard confessional – swiss army

Dashboard confessional – the places

Dead poetic – new medicines

Dear & the headlights – small steps

Desaparecidos – read music/speak Spanish

Dirty projectors – bitte orca

DMX – the great depression

Dntel – dumb luck

Don’t look down – the fear in love

Eighteen visions – obsession

Elliott – false cathedrals

Elliott smith – either/or

Eminem – encore

Feist – let it die

Feist – open season

Finch – say hello to sunshine

Finch – what it is to burn

From autumn to ashes – the fiction we live

Funeral for a friend – casually dressed

Further seems forever – the moon is down

Garbage – garbage

Gnarls barkley – the odd couple

Goldfinger – open your eyes

Good charlotte – young & the hopeless

Gorillaz – gorillaz

Green day – nimrod

Home grown – kings of pop

Hoobastank – hoobastank

Ja rule – pain is love

Jimmy eat world – jimmy eat world

Kittie – oracle

Last days of april – angel youth

Last days of april – ascend to the stars

Limp bizkit – significant other

Local h – whatever happened to PJ soles?

Lovedrug – everything starts where it ends

Matchbox 20 – yourself or someone like you

Me first & the gimme gimmes- have a ball

Me first & the gimmes – blow in the wind

Metric – live it out

Metro station – metro station

Modest mouse – moon & antartica

Morrissey – kill uncle

My chemical romance – bullets

My chemical romance – three cheers

Nada surf – the weight is a gift

New found glory – from the screen to your stereo

New found glory – nothing gold can stay

Nine inch nails – year zero

No doubt – return of Saturn

No doubt – rock steady

Northstar – Pollyanna

Of montreal – hissing fauna

Papa roach – infest

Pedro the lion – Achilles heel

POD – satellite

Puddle of mudd – come clean

Punk goes acoustic

Punk goes metal

Punk goes pop

Rivers Cuomo – Alone

Saliva – back into your system

Saves the day – stay what you are

Sia – some people have real problems

Simple plan – no pads

Smash mouth – astro lounge

Snow patrol – final straw

Something corporate – leaving through the window

Sparta – wiretap scars

Sr-71 – now you see inside

Sr-71 – tomorrow

Stone temple pilots – core

Straylight run – the needle, the space

Stunt monkey – stunk monkey

Sugar ray – floored

Sugar ray – lemonade & brownies

Sugarcult – lights out

Sugarcult – start static

Sum 41 – all killer no filler

Superdrag – regretfully yours

System of a down – system of a down

Taking back Sunday – taking back Sunday

Taking back Sunday – where you want to be

Tapes n tapes – walk it off

The ataris – blue skies

The ataris – end is forever

The ataris – so, long Astoria

The cure – three imaginary boys

The early November – for all of this

The early November – the room’s too cold

The good life – album of the year

The Juliana theory – love

The movielife – 40 hour train

The movielife – this time next year (broken hinges)

The offspring – Americana

The offspring – conspiracy of one

The pixies – wave of mutilation

The promise ring – 30 degrees everywhere

The reunion show – kill your television

The shins – oh inverted world

The smashing pumpkins – mellon collie

The spill canvas – denial feels so good

The starting line – direction

Thrice – the alchemy index 1&2

VCR – power destiny

We are the fury – venus

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