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The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

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in this thread...so many grown men butthurt about how a pop punk record looks.

Weird choice by Fat to put the box set link exclusively on their parler account.

Hey - did anyone miss the release day version of Single Album on green vinyl? I didn't recall ordering it. I did. My cost + shipping. Nothing more, nothing less. Send a message if interested. 


Also, with the rate of releases it feels odd that something hasn't gone up for PO in the past few weeks. 

(Got shipping notice on Bad Astronaut though)

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Posted (edited)

Not fat, but I'm guessing a lot folks in here would be interested.

Get Dead repressed their first EP.

I think all the variants are limited to /250 but I'm not sure of that



And there's this cool silk screen edition limited to /100 but $60 shipped to me in the states is a bit steep

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29 minutes ago, MyEnemy said:

It’s okay. Knowing you, you’ll try and flip it on Discogs or eBay, and try and make your money back with enough to buy some dread cream too.

You mad bro?

Just trying to pass some news along to some fellow fat collectors.


I’m not sure what dread cream is? But please do tell. 

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Posted (edited)
24 minutes ago, MyEnemy said:

Nah. Just hilarious. Failed record label dude, who happens to be white guy with dreads, turns into vinyl “opportunist”. Can’t make this shit up.


You do you.

I wouldn't exactly say my record label failed. I put out 21 records from 2009-2016, a handful of bands moved up to bigger labels. I now have 3 kids and run a full time hockey league. I don't exactly have the time or desire to put records out these days. 

Yeah I have dreads. Yes I am white. These are both true. The crazy thing is, I have never really had any social media. I posted the first picture of myself on my label's instagram about a month ago because I was trying to win a record in a contest. You keep an awful close eye on me for being a hater. 

I'm going to continue "doing me", posting in the fat threads about things that most fat collectors care about. 

And you continue "doing you", trolling threads, and calling folks out for their hair choices. Cool life bro.

Edited by kylet
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3 minutes ago, IntoXAnother said:

When I woke up today, I didn't envision seeing anyone's hair choice become such a topic, but here we are.  

Same here. Not the reaction I was expecting posting about a new Get Dead repress. But apparently that guy keeps a close eye on my old label's social media account and does not approve on my hair choice 🤷‍♂️ 

I wonder what Eric Melvin or Thomas Barnett, or any of the many other Fat affiliates who "happen to be white guys with dreads" would think of this banter lol.

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1 minute ago, MyEnemy said:

No, I’m more of a fan of the Glassjaw eBay series. 

Yes I ended up with multiple copies of the Glassjaw Coloring Book album. It was pretty chaotic trying to figure out exactly what and where to buy those silly things from. With them selling out in minutes, having 120-ish different URLs to try plugging in, all with only 1 record available per URL, not getting email confirmation, different prices on different vendors. That was a shit show.  Yes I sold them on ebay for going rate, about $20 dollars more than I paid. Arrest me officer. Guilt as charged. 

You my friend need another hobby. I thought it was weird you were keeping a close eye on my old labels Instagram and commenting on my hair choices. But now you're following my ebay account? You are a strange man.

I can give you my phone number if you want to hash it. I think most people in here would prefer we keep it to fat shit. 

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