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The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

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20 hours ago, SpaceAmbient said:

Sounds more like someone's running on pure emotion.


I also find fault with the whole "grooming" complaint. Are we not supposed to be friendly to people anymore? Is every transaction supposed to go from stranger to sex with no getting to know someone?


Also, she was 21. She's a grown woman. At what point are we responsible for our own actions and decisions?


As for the going for a second round while she's asleep... if that's true that's absolutely disgusting. But none of us were there, so there really is no way for any of us to know for sure unless someone openly admits to it. It would be wrong for us to make assumptions either direction.


People go multiple rounds of sex in one night all the time and it's not malicious. There's too much grey area in this story. Is Ray a creep? Probably.  But she sounds like one too.


Sounds like it was just a toxic relationship in general that she was a consensual participant in. This feels like something I might've said about my ex after our toxic relationship ended and I realized how dumb I was for going along with it for so long. I do feel for her and what she endured because toxic relationships can be quite damaging, but the moment I "matured" was when I stopped blaming my ex for things that I actively participated in and enabled. Doesn't mean my ex was a saint, but doesn't mean I have to destroy their livelihood either.


Hopefully both parties can learn something from the experience, move forward, and grow.

LOL "Let's be reasonable here, I need to see more first before jumping to any conclusions, but here's a dissertation on why I think this woman's story is bullshit and she should have known better, and also people who complain about assault should grow up!"

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14 hours ago, dynamitekid said:

Based on my personal interactions with Ray Rocket, this duds sucks shit and this isn't surprising.

I thought I was alone on not really giving a shit about teenage bottle rockets.

Years ago at fest (around #10 I think?) I was waiting outside one of the smaller clubs to get into a show. The venue was at max capacity, one in one out type of deal. I was next to get in so I was standing pretty close to the bouncer. Ray rolled up and tried to walk right in and cut the line of 10 or so people. The bouncer stopped him and told him he had to wait. Ray lost his mind. Start with eye rolling, and quickly escalated to Ray raising his voice and yelling lines like "do you even know who I am?!" The bouncer couldn't care any less and made him wait. Ray pissed and moaned for about 10 minutes before making a phone call to someone inside, clearly speaking loud enough for the bouncer and everyone to hear, just calling out the bouncer (for doing his job), name calling him, etc. Somebody with a laminate came out and asked the bouncer to let him in, and Ray gave the bouncer a look like a toddler makes when they are sticking their tongue out for getting what they want. At the time I really only knew the TBR by name and wasn't familiar with their music. But this left such a poor taste in my mouth I never bothered to check them out. I have a few of their albums in my collection because I basically buy everything Fat releases, but I don't think I've ever even listened to them.

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8 minutes ago, truexbeliever said:

What are the chances this is the original mix, not the remix from the 2014 box set? I thought the remix was unlistenable.

From what I can tell, this is the original, but only because they used the original release page and not the "re-issue" page.

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