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The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

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Get Dead - Letters Home

We recorded letters home “the acoustic record“ when we first formed Get Dead. It was recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, 2009. Josh Garcia, our original drummer, worked there, so we had an in. We recorded acoustic because we didn’t have money to book the studio proper, so it had to be done quickly and dirty. FAT cherry-picked that record and a couple of Eps we had for our debut release: Bad News. This started our long and still ongoing battle with promoters, bookers, and reviewers billing us as an acoustic folk-punk band, even though we have only played 4 actual acoustic shows in the course of ten years. Had we known that we would have to deal with explaining this repeatedly to people, especially the Germans, we would’ve done the same thing. A small novel could be written about the making of this record, the all-night sessions, and the chaos of the Tenderloin.






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1 hour ago, jonnywreck said:

Damn, did she say why she quit?


She announced back in August that she wasn't going on the Hawthorne Heights tour. She announced that she miscarried earlier this year 😔, and that combined with being diabetic on tour, she needed to take care of herself and take a break from tour life .  Though it didn't sound like it was a permanent departure. Maybe that has since changed?


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8 hours ago, jonnywreck said:

Damn, did she say why she quit?

Yes, pretty much all the things thenameisluigi said play a part. She still wants another kid and she's trying to make that happen. She has other priorities and she wishes them all the best. I would assume the band should make an official announcement at some point.

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1 hour ago, tackman said:

Is this already gone? Both the colored and regular LP versions? All I can select is the CD.

Some do get relisted, though I wouldn't anticipate any going back up today. (the PRB and riot fest comps were both relisted today and are already gone)
I believe it's still up at Kings Road and Artist First if you really need it.

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