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The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

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1 hour ago, jodi said:

Anyone some information of Blackhawks over Los Angeles getting pressed?



This was never pressed, when it was released, vinyl was not on the radar like it is now, I don’t think Fat wanted to release a double LP that wouldn’t really sell. I always assumed we’d get it for the Vol 2 boxset. It would be amazing if this got pressed finally. Super underrated SO album

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From Discogs, per the guy that made the listing:


Purchased at Punk In The Park from the Fat Wreck tent. The sales person told me it was never pressed until now.


I bought mine at the Punk in the park Festival. There were two other copies. I’m assuming that is where the others are from also. The guy running the booth told me i was the first person to buy one. I’m wondering if they will be available soon.


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Grabbed American Paradox and Blackhawks pretty much finishing up their discography for me. I really like the stand alone colors more than the bundle versions. It really pains me to leave Exile and Elements on the table, especially since I’m loving their vinyl variants, but my wallet can only take so much today and I already own these. Maybe at some point down the line someone here on the boards will sell me their color copies 

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