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The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

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Is that a mock up for a compilation?

Or do you mean it's a box and it doesn't exist..?

I think the picture you posted from the Fat store is just fan art and not an actual product.

The ebay link that was posted with the 7"s inside was a box Fat sold a month or two ago that only lasted a day or two on their webstore. You could either buy the box filled with Fat 7"s or just the box itself. That person on ebay is flipping that like crazy especially since it doesn't even come with any records.

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interesting. on the same note i wish i could find some 10" sleeves that my fat 10"s would fit in


I bought some on sleevecity that are a little bigger than normal if you want to check them out.




I think these are it.

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In fairness, I'd prefer they make the PO's a little longer and maybe deliver the records a little early or on time, than provide a shipping date that will get screwed up with these current plant delays.

Fat releases are pretty good with being on time. They will usually post on the release page if the LP has a further release date. The NUFAN 2xLP was supposed to be released 2/12 and I received mine last week.

Also, Fat's color sold out already.. that was quick.

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Fat Wreck pisses me off with their limited colour press mind fuck games.

There was no mention of the colour or press numbers on the NUFAN best songs on the pre-order, then I see an instagram post and they look freakin awesome, then it sells out and I miss out...

But I can still order a copy through Fat (first colour sold out), so is this a new colour with limited press, or generic black...?

Guess we will find out when it sells out or I should just buy it and find out..

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