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9 minutes ago, jonrawks said:

Climax - I keep seeing this being listed as a horror film and I don't feel like that's accurate.  Either way, it's a pretty wild and hypnotic movie and I enjoyed it immensely.  Some of the visuals in it are so fucking cool.  Definitely seek this one out.


Got this preordered from Amazon UK.  Comes out tomorrow actually so it should be shipping any minute.  Arrow Video is putting it out (basically the Criterion of the UK), so I’m excited to see the whole package.  Love me some Gaspar Noe.

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I watched Velvet Buzzsaw yesterday and found it very entertaining. I agree that the dialogue was a little weird in parts, does anyone actually speak that way in real life? Either way the cast was very strong and it was pretty original. I think it's something I'd view again. That one scene with the "sphere" was great, very Kill Bill in the manner of wildly overdramatic gore

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