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So it's been October for a few days now!  Best month of the whole year for most people, but especially horror fans.  Got any plans to watch anything good?


My wife and I are doing the same thing as last year: we each pick 16 horror movies (without each other knowing what we picked) and put them in a hat and every chance we get, we take turns picking a movie out.  No matter what movie either of us picks, we HAVE zero watch it. Had a lot of fun doing in last year so I'm excited to do it again.


We haven't had a chance to start yet cause our schedules don't work the best together sometimes, but hopefully sometime this weekend.  It'll probably end up going into November like it did last year but that's okay.

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2 hours ago, museummouth said:

Watched Super Dark Times the other night. Liked it overall although the first 75% of it was WAY better than the end. Great cinematography though. 


Saw the trailer for this the other day.  Thought it looked really good.


2 hours ago, marc32137 said:

Has anyone watched Cult of Chucky yet? It's on Netflix now. Hoping to check it out this weekend.


No, not yet.  I would avoid Netflix though.  From what I've heard, it's NOT the "unrated" one.  Not sure if that's a deal breaker for you or not, but personally, if I know there's an unrated version of a film, I'd much rather see that one.

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Wife and I are pretty behind on our movie picks, cause like I said, our schedules don’t work together very well, but here’s what we’ve watched so far:



The Wailing

The Conjuring

American Werewolf in London

Dark Water (original)

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

The Witch

Carrie (original)

Poltergeist (original)

The Bad Batch


Noroi: The Curse


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A friend and I watched Found Footage 3D tonight and it was pretty disappointing.  It was a found footage movie about making a found footage movie and really missed on all marks.  It wasn't clever and just ended up being the thing it was trying to elevate over.  So basically, it was just a mediocre found footage film that failed at being meta too.  I think it would've worked far better if it was played as a comedy.  The one upside is that the gore was pretty great.  Unfortunately it comes too late into the movie to save it.  Definitely recommend steering clear of it.

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1 hour ago, KingTacoMunster said:

sounds horrible haha

I was hoping it was going to be real self aware / meta and it wasn't.  I think it had a clever idea somewhere in there, it was just very poorly implemented.


Also - not specifically horror, but I saw My Friend Dahmer over the weekend and thought it was great.  Very dark and uncomfortable.

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On 11/17/2017 at 12:22 PM, jonrawks said:


Also - not specifically horror, but I saw My Friend Dahmer over the weekend and thought it was great.  Very dark and uncomfortable.

My friend is friends with the person who wrote the graphic novel this is based on. She's been hyping it all year and I'm bummed it doesn't look like it's gonna play here.

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7 hours ago, Han Solo said:

I haven't watched a movie on Shudder in a little while, so tonight I went with a German film called The Nightmare. I thought it was absolutely brilliant, not really scary but still a great creature feature. I'd recommend checking it out. 


I think I saw a trailer for this a long time ago.  Completely forgot about it.  I’ll have to check it out here soon.

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I finished the Wolf Creek mini series tonight and thought it was pretty good. The cinematography and soundtrack were nice and it seemed gritty, very similar to the feel of The Snowtown Murders. Acting was well done by Lucy Fry.  The whole show is very bingable since its only six episodes. 


I hope Shudder puts up the second season of Jordskott next!



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Few things I've watched recently


The Ruins - Not sure why I had it on my computer, which usually isn't a good sign, but it turned out to be a pretty decent movie.  Some nice gore and went in a direction I was surprised by.


Mother! - I really liked it.  It's probably the wildest movie I've seen in a while.


It - Save for the minor complaints, I thought this was quite good.  I'd have loved to see some more use of practical effects and I think it could've been trimmed down to 2 hours, but that's me just nitpicking.


Most Beautiful Island - More of a thriller.  Even at 80 minutes, it takes WAY too long to get going.  Either the idea needed to be fleshed out more or it should've been a short film.  Not a bad movie, just wastes too much time early on.


Fender Bender - The most boring slasher I've seen in a long time.  Don't waste your time.


Bag Boy Lover Boy - Such a strange one.  I enjoyed it, I just can't think of who I'd recommend it to.  I think if you enjoyed The Greasy Strangler, this might be up your alley.


Red Christmas - Nothing special, but it was a fun holiday themed horror movie.  Some decent kills and it was pretty to look at.

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