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It was awesome! There was a dude dressed like Jason who was on point! It was drizzling rain all night, which I thought was gonna suck, but actually made for a foggy/eerie night, and I was under a tent

Just watched Green Room and it was fantastic. 

Trailer for Hereditary!!  Hoooly shit:   

19 hours ago, Rip said:

Wife and I have gotten quite a bit behind on the Into The Dark’s unfortunately... I don’t think we’ve watched one since this past Thanksgiving.

The New Year's one was pretty fun, but the last two have been kind of duds.  I can't remember what the December one was, which is probably indicative of how good it was.  Pooka is supposed to be back for the April one, so I'm looking forward to that

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3 hours ago, Rip said:

I wanna see that real bad but please don’t tell me you payed the $20 they’re charging to see it.

It’s on my list too but I’m not paying the $20 if you catch my drift. 

Shudder is having a free month so I’ve been taking advantage of that. So far in the past week or so my wife and I have watched:


In The Mouth of Madness



The Beyond

House By The Cemetery

Pet Semetary (remake)


The Wicker Man


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1 hour ago, Rip said:

Dude Shudder is so good and their selection is incredible.  And if you decide to keep it, it’s cheap as hell.


You should binge Channel Zero (assuming your haven’t seen it yet).  One of my favorite shows in recent memory and it’s a shame they only did 4 seasons...

I’ve seen all but season 4, only saw the pilot of it. Need to finish it. I was so bummed when it got canceled. I hope they revive it  Season 1 is fantastic. 

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Had some free time with the wife this past weekend so we watched:


Pet Sematary (2019):  This was... not great.  I had high hopes because I loved Starry Eyes so I was excited to see how this turned out.  I had heard mixed things beforehand but you always get that with horror films but I just really didn’t enjoy this at all.  It had a couple moments but overall I’m just gonna pretend like it never happened.


Happy Death Day 2U:  It was okay.  Felt a hell of a lot less like a horror movie compared to the first one (which I thoroughly enjoyed).  I just didn’t really see the point I suppose.


Villains:  Definitely the best of the 3.  Just a really good home invasion horror-comedy.  Plus Bill Skarsgard and Maika Monroe.  Worth checking out for sure if you have Hulu.   

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I watched Vivarium a few nights ago and liked it a fair amount.  More nightmarish scifi than horror.  Not sure if watching a movie about being trapped in a home is a little too real or not right now though, haha.


I also watched The Hunt last week and it's fun enough.  Having see it, I can't believe it caused any controversy, let alone enough to get it's release pulled.

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2 hours ago, Rip said:

I think the controversy with The Hunt mainly had to do with the timing of it coming out.  Mass shootings were like... a weekly thing at the time of its original release date.  I guess this is honestly the one good thing about being quarantined: not having to worry about shootings for the time being.

I thought it was that people were crying that it was about hunting conservatives, but I'm not certain.  Could be both reasons pretty easily.

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Underwater - This kept flirting with being a really enjoyable movie, but never quite got there.  Alien meets Cloverfield underwater would be a fair description.


The Other Lamb - All mood, very little narrative.   The plot synopsis is pretty much the entire plot.  Can't really say that it was bad, just didn't get what I thought I would and wasn't a very fun Saturday night movie.


The Platform -  I thought this was great all around.  It's interesting and tense and dark and very violent at times.  I'm not sure if a movie about confined spaces hits a little too close to home right now, but definitely check this one out at some point.


I also watched Bacurau and loved it.  Not really horror, but figured I  would mention it.

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Gretel & Hansel - I really liked this.  It's a bit style over substance, but I found it captivating.

The Turning - Big 'ol dud that felt incredibly generic.  One of the few positives here is that Finn Wolfhard plays a good creep.

We Summoned the Darkness - Was a bit disappointed in this one.  Think it would've worked better if leaned harder in the humor.   Made for an ok Friday night movie, don't think I'd watch it again though.

Porno - I bet you could trim this down to a really enjoyable 30-45 minute thing, but it's a slog at 100 minutes.  There's some fun stuff in here, it just shouldn't have been a feature.

Sea Fever - It was too slow for the mood I was in, which I can't really fault the movie for.  Seemed well done with some nice nods to Alien and The Thing.

Deadwax - This is a lot of fun.  The concept is ridiculous and it plays it pretty straight and it somehow worked for me.  Episodes are all really short and never wear out their welcome.

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I watched Truth or Dare (2013) the other night.  I almost turned  it off pretty quickly due  to the awful acting and bad cinematography, but decided to give it a bit to see where it went.   I wouldn't say it's a good movie, but once I realized it's full on trash cinema, I had a pretty fun time with it.

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4 hours ago, lexicondevil said:

I'm sure you've all watched As Above So Below. HOLY SHIT was that one helluva ride. Looking forward to watching it again sometime.

I actually went and saw this in theaters when it came out and I remember really liking it.  Haven’t seen it since then though so maybe I need to change that soon.

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On 4/20/2020 at 2:29 PM, lexicondevil said:

I'm sure you've all watched As Above So Below. HOLY SHIT was that one helluva ride. Looking forward to watching it again sometime.

I’ve seen that movie 3 times now, and every time it creeps me the hell out. Such a good and intense movie. 

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