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Watched 1BR Friday night and enjoyed it.  I'd gone in fairly blind and it goes in a direction that I didn't expect, which was a pleasant surprise.


Also watched Bit, Party Hard Die Young and Witches in the Woods.  All varying degrees of ok.   They all kept me entertained, but  I don't think I could be convinced to give any of them a second watch either.

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It was awesome! There was a dude dressed like Jason who was on point! It was drizzling rain all night, which I thought was gonna suck, but actually made for a foggy/eerie night, and I was under a tent

Just watched Green Room and it was fantastic. 

Trailer for Hereditary!!  Hoooly shit:   

8 hours ago, jonrawks said:

Watched The Lodge last night and liked it quite a bit.  Some interesting parallels between it and Hereditary.  The doll house and the way it was shot jumped out at me, but there are a few spoilery similarities too.  The two would pair well for a double feature.

I thought the same thing!

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3 hours ago, Rip said:

The Lodge and Gretel & Hansel out on blu-ray/DVD today.  Probably gonna get The Lodge for sure cause I really enjoyed it.  Not sure about G&H though.  I’ve wanted to see it but I’ve heard mixed things.  Anyone here seen it yet?

I liked it quite a bit.  More style than substance, but I like his style and it kept me interested.  Probably take this with a grain of salt, since I very rarely rewatch movies, but I'd say it's a better rental or something to catch when it hits a streamer.

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Posted (edited)

In Search of Darkness - Popcorn documentary.  Not a lot of substance, but I found it enjoyable.  Kind of an  I Love the 80s - Horror Edition.   It's a bit over 4 hours and I broke it up over a couple of days.  If you've watched enough horror and horror adjacent docs, there isn't a whole lot of new info here.


Frankenstein Created Bikers - Modern biker exploitation/grindhouse flick.  A lot of fun stuff in here, but it could've used a much shorter run time. 


edit : forgot to mention that the Mother's Day Into the Dark was pretty good too.

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On 5/8/2020 at 11:47 AM, jonrawks said:

I watched Z last night and wish I'd spent the 80 minutes doing something else.

Watched this over the weekend and didn’t hate it. Felt like a decent made for TV movie. 

also recently saw


The Lodge: 

overall okay, some nice tension but the third act falters a lot. Wish the twist was different. 

Patchwork: really funny and goofy horror comedy done well. Nice take on the Frankenstein genre. 


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Had a surprisingly good viewing weekend.


Empathy Inc. - Reminded me of something from the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror.  It has a pretty glaring plot hole and the third act is a bit of a mess, but overall I thought it was a solid watch.

Madman - Really fun early 80s slasher.  A lot of laughably bad dialogue and some decent gore.

The Corpse of Anna Fritz - I thought this was really well done.  Minor issue is that some of the characters are such archetypes that a couple plot points are a bit obvious.

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This weekend we watched:


Come to Daddy - Really fun horror comedy.  Elijah Wood is fantastic as always and the plot was fairly original.


Swallow - In my opinion, this is a perfect example of why you can never trust Rotten Tomato scores.  I really can’t believe this is “Certified Fresh.”  It wasn’t bad.  Really.  But it kinda just felt like your average, slow-burn, indie horror/thriller.  I don’t even know if you can call this horror or thriller.  There were some “hard to watch” scenes but that’s about it.  Plus the last 20 minutes or so are allll over the place.  Felt like it didn’t know where to go with it.


High Life - I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “horror” movie, but there are definitely some freaky and fucked up moments.  Really enjoyed it all around though.  Can almost never go wrong with anything A24 related.

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I watched Body Cam last night and it's about 10%  worse than the poster would lead you to believe.  I went in knowing it was going to be a dud, so I had an ok time with it, but it never quite achieves fun-bad levels.


I hadn't seen Almost Human and watched that on Monday.  Good first feature, but I think I like every other Begos film more.

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