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WTB: The Format, STD, Brand New, LTJ, Millencolin, TBS


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Looking for a few goodie:


The Format - Snails

Saves The Day - In Reverie

Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon (Original pressing) and/or Deja Entendu

Less Than Jake - Birthday Cake

Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers



Looking for an old school Taking Back Sunday T-shirt from when they played as "Booze & Adventure".

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my girlfriend has a booze and adventure shirt, you can buy it off her for $500.


sucks about the snails though.
I met a guy on another site who wanted to trade it to me, I am a huge format fan,
He was all ready to set up a deal then googled and saw that it had recently sold for $200 and told me I could either pay him that or he was going to eBay it.


I was poor and cried that night. So close, yet so far away. 

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haha it was more of a joke. I just went with an outrageous number. I doubt she would ever sell it considering she has been there since the beginning. 


I have both of them as well!
Excited for the confirmed presses coming this year,
Hopefully we can get the Interventions + Lullabies.

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