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I am looking for the following: 


Ebba Grön 

Satanic Surfers


No Fun at All



59 Times the Pain


The Lost Patrol Band / Invasionen


The Hives

The (I)NC 

93 Million Miles from the Sun 

Bombshell Rocks

Franky Lee


I may have missed a few so if you have anything relevant let me know.I have most if not all of the US releases from them and am looking to grab some imports now. Let me know what you have and what you'd like to get for it money/trade wise. If anyone from Sweden/Netherlands/etc. can grab any of these relatively easily and wants to trade for some US stuff so we can both save on shipping please let me know and I will search my local shops for you.

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You should check out Masshysteri and Vanna Inget. Both are excellent, almost but not quite power-poppy, punk bands from Sweden. 

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Got crushed by some snipes last night on a lot of my wants. Was able to add No Fun At All's No Straight Angles and Satanic Surfers Going Nowhere Fast to my collection in the process though. Anyone want to help me out? Two major wants right now are:


Randy - You Can't Keep a Good Band Down
Refused - This Just Might Be...

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