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What's your latest purchase?

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4 hours ago, njpunkmusic said:

So far Im loving it.  Why RX6 over RX8?

RX6s are more suited for a smaller room and don't have the exaggerated bass that the RX8's are known for.  I keep the front bass ports of my RX8s plugged in order to keep the bass from being too boomy in my room.

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My long-suffering Marantz SR5008 crapped out on me last week. 


I originally bought it as a refurb and the HDMI card went out on it within the warranty period.  Now, 3 years after repair, it started making the same awful noise. 


I tested running a non-HDMI source through it and had no issues, so I am pretty sure the HDMI card crapped out again.  A little research shows it it seems to be a common issue with this model.


And while my SR5008 may yet enjoy a second life as a desktop amp, I went ahead and picked up a new Marantz SR7012 to take over AV duty.


I have always read people talking about the big difference between Audyssey XT32 that comes with the 70xx series and the more basic correction that comes with the lower end models, but I always dismissed it.   After running setup with my new receiver, I gotta say I am impressed.  The big difference is in the bass.  It is far more subtle now than it ever was with my old receiver.  I know that the sub is on because the bass is there, but it's not like before when it was really obvious and boomy.   I have only watched a few movies so far at relatively low "school night" volumes.  I am looking forward to cranking it a bit over the weekend.


I may have to add a few speakers into my (dated) 5.1 setup to make use of the extra watts I now have available....Currently I only run Center/Rear off the receiver with my Marantz PM8004 powering my fronts.


Current AV Setup:


Receiver - Marantz SR7012

Front Amp - Marantz PM8004

Front Speakers - Monitor Audio RX8

Center Channel - Monitor Audio RX-center

Rear Surround - Monitor Audi RX-FX

Sub - Monitor Audio RX-W12

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