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What's your latest purchase?

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21 hours ago, ajxd said:

After selling my VPI when I was a starving grad student, I could not make myself purchase a new VPI or other RCM over $500. Nope

Bought the 3D Printed one from the Canadian. Should be in this week.

What brush are you going to be using? I see a lot of people use paint pads, but I feel like a proper brush might be better.

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On 5/18/2016 at 1:09 PM, ajxd said:

MoFi's brush. Its only $20, and it works very nicely. Though I'm sure you'd have the same results just using the MoFi pads with any square.

Exactly! I'm making my own brush handle with some scrap wood. Easy, I'll post some pics when I'm done sanding it.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Two amplifiers.

That I bypassed the volume control so the input signal goes directly to the circuit board. Instead of first looping through the volume control.

So now it's two pure power amplifiers.IMG_20160519_114953.jpg?dl=0

But I am not using them as mono blocks (there are a switch underneath). I use them dual amps to my bi-amped B&W 804.

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I finally got the SL-D2 cleaned up, and the new AT95B cartridge installed. Sounds really good for a cheap table, and cleaned up pretty nice. I'll probably only be using it for a week or two though, but it's a nice back-up table to have.


Does aligning a cartridge ever stop being really stressful? I'm always so worried about damaging the diamond. I think I got it aligned good, since there is no distortion or IGD. Testing some cheaper record before tossing on good stuff.


Edit: I aligned it with Stevenson, does the cart. look kinda far back in the headshell? It lined up with both marks, but I don't remember my ATPL120 ever being that far back.

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That's kinda what I figured when I was mounting it. I know the AT95E gets a lot of praise for it's sound/price ratio, but I didn't expect it to sound as good as it does. Such a great budget cart. I imagine it will sound a lot better once it breaks in. If I can track down another HK headshell, I might mount it as a secondary cart on my normal table.

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On May 12, 2016 at 9:17 PM, ryantark said:

Pro-ject Acryl-it. Is nice. Super clarity. Super separation. Lost a bit of bass versus cork mat on metal platter.  Possibly less crackle/static. Day 1 impressions. 

Still happy with the platter. I had to mod it with some LEDs and just upgraded my stylus from 2M Red to Blue. Starting supposed break in period. 


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Ok....MAJOR MAJOR update from my side!  Even I'm weak in the knees this time around :)

All items are on order and were finalized on July 12th.  So let's see how long it all takes to get in and setup.


1)  The EAR Discmaster. This is a dream level table for me...





2) The EAR Acute 4 Transport and EAR Dac 4.  Delivery in 4 ~ 6 weeks.




3) Last and final upgrade, and the biggest one yet.  The Marten Coltrane Tenor loudspeakers









I've never made such large purchases in one shot in my life...so its a big one for me.  I normally spread it all out, but just didn't do it this time.  Long story behind why, but regardless...all three items ordered.  Now the wait begins...


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