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What's your latest purchase?

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Perreaux SXV2 phono preamp (second hand). Has alot more settings than the phono stage in my Quad 99 preamp, which suits my Denon 301mk2 LOMC better (currently loading set to 1000 ohms with minimal capacitance). The SXV2 brings a bunch more dynamic slam and is both quieter and more detailed than the Quad. It is also much more capable with complex passages of music and seems to bring the most out of the Denon. I do not think I'll be looking for a phono stage upgrade any time soon, but it has left me wondering what I might get from a cartridge upgrade!


Also does anyone know why the signature details are not updating? Mine shows gear I had a while ago and does not show any new changes? Weird.

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Here Is My Latest Purchase!  

Not really new equipment but I gave in and went to Ikea and bought some furniture that looks a bit more uniform than the assortment of equipment stands I did have.

If he's a real VC'er he'll now collect all of the variants of the cart, perhaps lining up the red, blue, bronze, and white ones on a shelf unopened.

On 8/22/2019 at 11:54 AM, ajxd said:

This must be the cheapest thing in your setup.

Honestly, I have no clue anymore...cheapest thing that I use is probably a Shure M97xe cartridge.  Great cartridge! 


Ok a couple of new updates, for fun.


Picked up a couple of Air Tight pieces as I've lusted after this brand...


Air Tight ATM-1 Tube Power Amplifier (EL34 based amp, Tamura Output Transformers, Tube Rectified Power Supply)



Second piece is an Air Tight ATL-10A Passive Preamplifier.  The one I got uses the no longer made ALPS RK501 Volume Pot which was an upgrade option:



Check out how the analog pot works....it's a special motorized setup....very interesting design!



Both the pieces above are the genius of this man, Atsushi Miura san:








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On 2/1/2020 at 7:46 AM, vinyl addict said:

Just pretty much replaced all my stereo equipment

Marantz TT-15s1 turntable

Rotel A12 integrated amp

Paradigm 70p tower speakers

Also bought a Lounge Copla tongonalonf with Denon DL-103. I want to give moving coila a shot.

Congrats! How are you liking the A12 and the 70ps? 

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On 2/11/2020 at 7:19 PM, Dave Grohl said:

Congrats! How are you liking the A12 and the 70ps? 

The A12 is great. It does everything I need.

The Paradigms are incredible. Very good on the ears, and ample bass. The Paradigms have a built in powered sub in each tower.

My former stuff was all Carver gear and Klipsch towers and Klipsch sub.


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Recently purchased Hana SL and Elac PPA2 to see if the moving coil was worth it. I was previously using a Nagaoka MP300 and very satisfied, but had the itch to see if the grass was greener.


My system is VPI Scout w/JMW 9+ and Parasound A23 & P6 pre.


The Hana SL compared to the Nagaoka MP300 is superior in every way. I know this is a bold statement and maybe the Elac helps the comparison, but the Hana is slightly better in all aspects. Couldn’t believe it and now I’m curious if going up the MC 

price chain will yield even better results.

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