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W I N N E R P I C K E D**** Shone Print Raffle (Hand Numbered 61/82)

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got a print solely to raise funds for a charity called ear candy. now a bunch of good dudes want the print, and i only got one, so raffling feels like the only fair way. 


soooo. joyful noise records recently sold a kishi bishi flexi at pay as you want, and i was only able to afford $2 at the time, and ear candy was the charity those flexis went towards. kind of had a dialogue with JNR on IG, and they were kind of upset about so many people donating $1 or less (and cancelling orders of people that ordered multiples for $0)....so i want to pay forward and help the charity with some more money, on behalf of joyful noise and myself.


after i make my $15 + the shipping for the print, anything past that will go to the charity.


so yeah. $1 an entry, enter as many times as you want, and ill pull the entries sometime next week. feel free to paypal me, but please put your VC username in the notes.



[email protected]


let me know if you have any other questions.










Adventureisoutthere - 1

yocaseycasum - 15

youmightbewrong - 5

patthickey- 5

andylikescats - 5

hobohunter - 6




collectivemike - $10



total going to ear candy - $31

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This is an awesome charity.


I don't care if I win the poster. I just wanted to get it to the point where money would be going to this good cause.


If you have a couple bucks, throw it toki's way.



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Toki I'm just tossed you $10 for the cause but you can just leave me out of the raffle, I don't have any use for the print.


if jess did indeed grab one for me last night, i'll be doing the same.

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