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The Great eBay Purge 2013 - Code Orange Kids, Pelican, Belle & Sebastian + More

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The eBay Link


It's finally starting - the great purge. Take a look at the photos below to see proof that I do indeed have a problem and I'm off to reign it in. You can't even see the walls of prints and baseball memorabilia - I've become compulsive and this is the beginning of my efforts to change that. I have just scratched the surface and am posting 99% of what I plan to sell on eBay at retail or below. I'll find some bonuses to toss into the packages for VC Members. 


I still have no clue how much or exactly what I'll sell but I am seeing 200-300 items that will go. Nothing too out there or rare but the inspiration for this sale is my Japandroids Test Cassette - yeah, I don't even collect cassettes but yet I own a couple. I don't collect variants yet in the quest to get something I like I've wound up with several - all going. 


Here is the current stuff of interest:

Japandroids Test Cassette

Code Orange Kids - Love is Love on yellow/black

JFA recs

Pelican recs 

Belle & Sebastion - Tigermilk

(tons of stuff to come)





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Nothing new, just a friendly bump. Thanks to all those who've bid or are watching items. I am going to add some more either tomorrow or Saturday. Again - if you are a VC member and win something be sure to make it known when you pay so I can toss in a little something something whenever I can.

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Grabbed a moment to add a handful more with plenty to come this weekend.

The highlights from this mini update:

Gates - LP on white

Harvard - Inevitable and I tour edition

Citizen Fish - Free Souls in a Trapped Environment. 


I recognize a couple bidders from VC. Thanks dudes. 

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