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Set Sale: Selling a few duplicates, extras, etc...

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Dropped a few prices, some sold.

Have a few duplicates that I would like to get rid of. Have a few sealed still.

$4 shipping anywhere in the us w/ tracking



$25 Animals as Leaders - Self Titled [Glow in the Dark][/106][second Pressing][sEALED]

             Both AAL for $40   SOLD

$22 Animals as Leaders - Weightless [Grey Marble][/157][second Pressing][sEALED]


$27 Between the Buried and Me - The Great Misdirect [Crystal Orange][/1200] SOLD


$OFFER$ Cattle Decapitation - Monolith of Inhumanity [World Landfill][/1000]


$18 Daughters - Hell Songs [Cream][/???]


$10 Daughters - Daughters 7" [black][/???][Complete with inserts and strip]


$35 The Grateful Dead - Winterland May 30th, 1971[black][/7500][sEALED]


$15 The Hope Conspiracy - File 03 [black][/1500]


$10 Sigur Ros - Varud [black?][/1500][sEALED]



Pics available upon request!

No reasonable offer refused. 

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Thread is up for the weekend. Coming down Sunday night.

Cattle Decap fans.. where art thou?


I would love that Cattle Decapitation album but the fact that you didn't name a price for that one scared me off.  Plus I don't know if you would ship to Canada :)

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New to this site. I was wondering, the World Landfill 1st press is the only version of Monolith that was released so far right? There has not been a second pressing yet has there? So the only ones for sale would have be out of that batch am I correct? sorry for asking questions on your thread, but I have searched and can't find a solid answer anywhere and I figured you might now. I know of a few places that have it for sale online but do not want to purchase it and have it be a normal 2nd press or something when I am trying to get the World Landfill one. Never been on a site like this, but here is my ebay profile just so I am not a random person invading your thread :) http://myworld.ebay.com/raithos971 Thanks in advance for the help!

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