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Yet Another Taking Offers On Tradelist Thread


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Yep, it's come to this. Due to my incoming list at a whopping 40, I am forced to start taking offers on my tradelist. I will stop when I have enough funds back in my paypal account to get the Alexisonfire box set. Yeah, I know, a price hasn't been put up yet, but I assume somewhere around 200-250 will cover it. I suck at not buying records, so here's your chance to take advantage. Low ball offers will not be entertained, but most of you know that I am a fair person to deal with. Also C&C Sometimes, Jane Doe on 180 Gram Black, and Make Do and Mend Discography's spines have a few tiny claw marks from my cat. I have since taken care of the problem, so she doesn't do this to any others.


Please don't make offers on the following from my tradelist, as they are excluded.


Brand New

The Wonder Years


Manchester Orchestra


The Starting Line

Balance and Composure

Kevin Devine


Counting Crows

Bayside (if it's okay with Brock)

Fall Out Boy

Depeche Mode

The Early November

also new shit (and represses) that just came out, I probably won't want to part with most of it, as I just bought it.

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Can anyone tell me if this is a good price on cardboard fillers? They are the only 12X12 ones I can find. If not, can someone kindly point me in the right direction?



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 Seriously. I have stacks of mailers in my garage, but I have used almost all of the cardboard fillers. Just goes to show how poorly packaged a lot of my records came to me haha.


yeah, same. i run low on inserts too...but what ive done with mailers that have been used more than once and i cant reuse them, i cut the front part out and turn it into an insert. 

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