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Having unveiled their debut EP, ‘At Least’, in June 2014, Brighton based four-piece Water Canvas have seemingly done nothing but tour since. Their schedule reads like a menu of up-and-coming underground British acts, each as dedicated to their art as the next. It’s no surprise then that with the band’s second EP, ‘Haunter’, Water Canvas have hit the nail well and truly on the head.

“It’s a set of songs about anxieties that might every so often interrupt their day-to-day,” says band member James Fox. “Maybe it’s pretty relatable for those reasons.”

These anxieties manifest themselves as emotive gruff punk that pulls together the melancholic beauty of the likes of Moose Blood and the intensity of Make Do And Mend and their ilk. ‘Haunter’ showcases a healthy juxtaposition between the claustrophobic and the ethereal. The songs are as soaring as they are agonising.

“Either way we hope people enjoy the songs as much as we have writing them,” Fox concludes, humbly nodding towards what is an exemplary addition to the ever-exciting British grassroots scene.

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Okay so two Poland's finest:




Szeol is dark, sludgy yet melodic hardcore. Check out their "Wygnanie" release - it kills!




Fight Them All is fast, 80's style hardcore. Best in class if you're into such playing.

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I'm still working on the new ASE full length I mentioned last august but in the mean time I recently wrapped up a metalcore album if you like stuff like August Burns Red, Texas In July, etc. Nothing “groundbreaking” and I know a lot of you aren't really into this stuff but it was fun to write so there's that at least haha.




Technically $7/NYP but if any of you want it I can just hook you up with a zip.

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