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WTB - As Tall As Lions - Self-titled

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I really love this album, it is one of my all time top 5 favorite albums, both musically and sentimentally. I got lucky on here before and had a nice person sell it to me for pretty much cost + shipping. I had a pretty good size collection until September of 2011 when I sold nearly all of my records to buy a car so I could go to school in a different state. Sold em all, and then unfortunately was laid off from my job and had to spend all of the money from my records on bills and keeping my wife and I afloat. I was never able to buy the car or go to that school but I am back collecting records and would love to own this again.


I'm really hoping someone on here is sitting on an extra, or has one they don't get much use out of. I don't care which pressing or what color, I just would really love to be able to listen to this album on vinyl.



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Really bummed I missed out on sambinoo's copy by 48 hours. Really bummed.


I'm not willing to drop $150 for this, but if any of you are:




I doubt it'll last more than a day or two but if you're into it for that price, there ya go. 

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I could have bought this in '09 when they played with MTB but I ended up not doing that for some reason. "...I keep kicking myself...."


Bam! An actually applicable album quote.


Same goes for me when I decided to skip a show where they opened for Copeland in '07.... I blew it on that one.

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