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VC Fantasy Baseball League

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Nevermind I just found it. It looks like you dont have any bench spots for pitchers so you don't really need to move them around. As for position players you can cover days off by moving a bench player into the position that has no one playing. You need to keep up with this because it does not reset it's self so if you cover a star player and not put him back in he will stay on the bench until you put him back into your lineup.


I am only helping you because I assume that your avatar is you and I back anyone with an f.y.p tattoo.

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I'm the other Arrested Development related team name. Luchas Del Muchachos. Welcome aboard Gersky!


I'm not sure about my team, I just sort of tried to keep it really balanced, but consequently I don't think I have the market cornered on anything. I'm not in love with it.

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