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VC Fantasy Baseball League

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Looking for a second opinion for a non-VC league. I've been offered Jeff Samardzija for Shin-Soo Choo. I've got pretty good depth at OF and would still field:


Andrew McCutchen

Justin Upton

Jay Bruce

Carl Crawford

Chris Davis


SP isn't deep for me, I'm thinking it's a solid win-win. Any thoughts? It's a head to head points league. 

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Smarjzada is a cub, so he's bound to have one awesome year of pitching before mediocrity sets in.  it might be a good trade, but what are the other SP that opponent has that you could counter-offer Choo for? there might be a slightly better option... they could be trying to sell high on smarjzaadatrew

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I suspect they are trying to sell a bit high. He has Matt Cain, Alexi Ogando, Cliff Lee, Peavy, Anibal Sanchez and Matt Moore. 


Of the bunch Cain and Lee probably aren't going to be a straight swap. So, Smardy vs. Sanchez, Moore and Ogando. 


Nevermind, he traded Smard for Carlos Beltran and Norichika Aoki. 

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transactions not taking place till the next day is weaaaaaak.


This is horrible for a baseball league.


The best system is daily transactions with a short waiver period (so that half the desirable dudes aren't on waivers all the time because they are getting picked up to fill in for a day, especially the catchers). I believe we have cut our waivers down to 1 day.


Using all your games is a big advantage over dudes that don't. Must for money leagues (or at least come close, it is hard to do sometimes).

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so i forgot I was in a 12-team ESPN league, draft was monday night (saw toots and the maytals instead)... anyone who thought I drafted DL-heavy in our league, yikes for my espn team...





Harrison (TX SP)




the league is so big that there are literally no every-day options for SS for me to pick up, and my entire roster of pitching is in disaster mode


McCarthey, Beckett, Wilson, Burnett, NOVA (fml), Cahill, Hughes, Soriano (WASH), Pestano (???????), Collmenter.


I picked up Josh Buck because my only catcher, McCann is out for whoknows how long.  my offense is fine, but good god my pitching may be pure awful. 


any suggetions on some gems that might be out there as a 4/5th SP for anyone? 

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It's pretty grim this year man. Couple dudes available in my league that are streamable based on match-ups:


Chacin, Teheran, Vargas, Norris? Maybe take a chance on someone like McCarthy to turn it around since he is getting dumped in leagues like crazy. 


You might just sit on a couple prospects that are likely to get called up and try and weather the storm for now.


Cole, Hultzen, Erlin and the like. Lots of those dudes owned in like 2% of leagues or less, so you could wait for the call up. 

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