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I will type up the proposed new keeper rules and post them for discussion

He changed his avatar when I gave him shit for using the default. I like him!   I'm cool with that. 

On 4/15/2017 at 6:05 PM, NapalmBrain said:

odd, I'm circular relics and I paid, should be [email protected]

got this figured out, sorry about that

its cause i was going off the email in the league which is [email protected]


On 4/10/2017 at 10:29 PM, BuzzersonKillwell said:

I'll pay soon. Just checking in to confirm. Not on the boards as much anymore. 


53 minutes ago, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ said:

I havent paid but I will, just havent gotten around to it

do it soon, i was able to change the deadline but the system won't allow payments after the 19th without a late fe


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5 hours ago, whoshotthefrog said:


Thanks! Now it's time to kick some ass in hockey!

Congrats man, since you paid Garrens dues i have to allocate the whole payout to you, I guess just send him his winnings?

It should be $120 to you, $60 to him and $20 to Mike

On 4/10/2017 at 10:29 PM, BuzzersonKillwell said:

I'll pay soon. Just checking in to confirm. Not on the boards as much anymore. 

however, Buzzerson never paid so we're short $20 on the payout.

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yeah im game to do it again, and this time im not in the middle of a major project deployment!  i'll get yahoo set up and send everyone an email to see whose still in and if we have any open spots.  i'd also entertain expanding to 12 teams if everyone is coming back.

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1 hour ago, whoshotthefrog said:

if we expand to 12 teams will the keeper rules be different?

I dont think we would need to change the keeper rules, but below are the rules.  I think we would only change the rules if we were expanding roster sizes/rounds of the draft.  If all we're changing is the number of teams per round, then I dont think the keeper rule should change.  Thoughts?


league innvites have been sent

draft is 23 rounds, we will designate that any undrafted player (a player who was picked up during the season and went undrafted in the 2015 draft) will be designated as a round 15 keeper.  multiple undrafted keepers will add +1 round, so two kept players will be round 15 and 16.  If that is the round of a player you drafted who you want to keep (a player drafted in round 17+ with the -2 round penalty attached) that player will take round priority and will bounce your undrafted keeper one round back.


mike trout drafted round 17 in 2015

andrew mccutchen was undrafted

mike trout round be a round 15 keeper, andrew mccutchen would be a round 16 keeper.


let me know if anyone has any questions, we will have 5 keepers for this draft.  I will have a group email going out to everyone, please reply back to me with your team name and your 5 keepers, do not reply-all on the email.  we will designate the draft date about 1 - 2 weeks out from opening day.

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On 3/20/2017 at 5:41 AM, whoshotthefrog said:

Below is who is returning and who isn't. It also states whether that person wants a buy in and.or a vinyl prize. if I have the wrong info let me know.  I am sending out messages to everyone on VC who didnt respond via my group gmail email.  


On 3/20/2017 at 5:41 AM, whoshotthefrog said:


The Milwaukee Beers / brock309 Y  
BrewCrew2013 / Torts Y Buy In
Her? / Lemongoat    
JHooks Moshers / jhook Y  
Bad News Beers / Ian Rees    
Luchas Del Machos / jeffersonhowell    
The Wretched Ones  / ????? forget the VC handle for Garren     
Circular Relics / NapalmBrain    
Knackered Meerkats / sirrichardrichard    
Alabama Thunderpussy / whoshotthefrog Y BOTH



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