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Official OST and Film Score Thread

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anyone else besides me hate this death waltz frame style art they do? 


Ruins it for me.


Yes! I can't stand it, which sucks because they put out some awesome releases.


Does anyone know when the House of the Devil soundtrack is being released? I definitely need that considering it is one of my favorite movies.


It's supposed to be, it was put up as coming soon on their site like a year ago, but I guess they're having problems with the rights or something like that.  Last time I checked I think they took it down altogether so I'm not sure what's up.  I hope it gets worked out.

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anyone else besides me hate this death waltz frame style art they do?

Ruins it for me.

I despise it. I am glad that the Halloween 2 and 3 soundtracks don't have it.

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Very nice find! Coincidentally I also came across this today at a local shop. 




On a side note... still trying to find a cheap copy of the soundtrack to on of my favorite films, The Shining. Maybe a reissue someday.


Great score dude. I mean "score"! Not as in the music, though its pretty darn good too. I mean like... you know what i mean. I just checked ebay/discogs for this... you got a bargain sir!


I watched this film on repeat when i was a kid and my daughters have been through their WW phase. Ive seen this more times then i care to remember by now. Though if i had this record my girls would have it on repeat!


Id love to see this...




The ost isnt too shabby either -


  1. Dead Already - Thomas Newman
  2. Because - Elliott Smith
  3. Free to Go - The Folk Implosion
  4. American Woman - The Guess Who
  5. All Right Now - Free
  6. Use Me - Bill Withers
  7. Cancer for the Cure - Eels
  8. The Seeker - The Who
  9. Don't Rain on my Parade - Bobby Darin
  10. Open the Door - Betty Carter
  11. We Haven't Turned Around - Gomez
  12. Bali Ha'i - Peggy Lee
  13. Any Other Name - Thomas Newman
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