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Official OST and Film Score Thread

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I just signed the petition, "Release Silent Hill Soundtracks On Vinyl, Konami, Akira Yamaoka: Release Silent Hill Soundtracks On Vinyl." SILENT HILL ON VINYL!!! This is the best thing that could eve

Wow. So edgy in here you could cut yourself. 

never forget

I wonder what it is. If Nonesuch holds rights to Mansell's scores they have released on cd and they don't give up rights to third parties, that would eliminate some possibilities.

Justin from Mondo talked to Modern Vinyl about pressing feathers into a record so my vote is for Black Swan. Justin also mentioned doing more video game soundtracks and Clint did a couple tracks for Mass Effect 3 so there might be that. Those are what my money is on, not The Fountain but still very cool and I'd pick up both... but yeah somebody needs to do The Fountain soon.

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Just saw on the Invada fb feed that they'll be releasing Ex Machina on 2x LP, w/ gatefold sleeve sometime in 'Spring 2015.'


Haven't heard a whole lot of the music, but what's in the trailer sounds pretty killer.


Just saw this movie tonight, and it blew my dong off. Such a cool movie. Cool soundtrack too. I'll have to think about picking this one up.

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Came to this thread to suggest that Ex Machina soundtrack should be released as I saw the movie today and thought it was great. And alas! It will come out. Very awesome!



This article has the OST, from Invada's Soundcloud account.  Halfway down the page.  Stream it in full.  You're right jhulud.  



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Did the same, but from Amazon.de, because it was cheapest there. But I've just noticed that the label is listed as At the Movies (Cargo Records), not Music on Vinyl. Hoping the quality is equal.


At the Movies is what the MOV soundtracks are going by now, it should be the same. It's like their "line" of soundtracks, sub-label if you will. 

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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