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PO: Daft Punk - Random Access Memories

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I don't know anything about that dude's video series or anything.  And he seemed to do a good job with the video (especially the camera locations and editing).


That said, I can't believe someone would drop that kinda dough on something and they don't even know what's inside.  That's just nuts.  And LOLZ at his repeated use of 'vinyl(s)'. 



EDITED: Also, LOLZ at the board auto-correcting vinyl(s) into vinyl for me.  I forgot it did that.

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I thought he only said "vin-yuls" once? For someone totally new to the format, I think he did okay. Handled the records pretty well, and he bought himself a Pro-Ject... the only problem I saw is that he kind of stuffed the A/B disc back into the gatefold which made it bubble outward at the end.

I do agree that he may have been foolish to spend that much money, but maybe he is sponsored or suffers from "affluenza" and doesn't realize the consequences of his actions. :^)

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1 hour ago, porkdad said:

daft punk broke up on feb 22nd in 2021. on feb 22, 2022 they announced the Homework reissue. and feb 22, 2023 (today) they announced this RAM reissue.

i'm assuming it's because 2/22... and they are a duo. but i'm pretending it's because it's my birthday (for real lol)

Dude mine too!  Happy birthday!

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