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Distro update...all items are in stock and ready to ship now.  



NUCLEAR DEATH - Five Years of Death! 4LP Box Set (The Crypt)

     - Black Vinyl, Yellow Vinyl & Green Vinyl available


MISERY - A Necessary Evil + Bonus Tracks DLP (The Crypt)

     - Black Vinyl & Red Vinyl available


TIMEGHOUL - 1992-1994 Discography DLP (The Crypt)

     - Black Vinyl & Cosmic Splatter Vinyl available


PYPHOMGERTUM – …To the Mesphil / The Dark Light LP (American Line)


SHUB NIGGURATH – Horror Creatures LP (American Line)


MASACRE – Imperio Del Terror LP (American Line)


GRAVE MIASMA – Exalted Emanation MLP (Sepulchral Voice)


V/A – Grave Command: All Hallowed Hymns LP [Picture Disc] (Unseen Forces)


AVERSE SEFIRA – Advent Parallax DLP (Ajna Offensive)

     - Splatter Vinyl


WEAPON – From the Devil’s Tomb DLP (Agonia)



     - Grey Marble Vinyl

     - Record Store Day Exclusive


PROFANAL – Black Chaos 12″ Vinyl LP (Iron Tyrant)


As a note, all CDs are 20% for the month of April - tons of great stuff, including imports from FDA Rekotz, Non Serviam Records, Totalrust Music, Temple of Torturous, Weird Truth, Selfmadegod, and more.
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Just got a bunch of WTC Prod stuff in from Germany yesterday...all are in stock and came in exceptional condition. 


GLORIOR BELLI - Meet Us At The Southern Sign LP (both black and brown vinyl available) 


GLORIOR BELLI / CREEPING - Rites of Spiritual Death Split LP 


ASCENSION - Consolamentum LP (white vinyl) 


ASCENSION - Fire and Faith MLP 


ASCENSION - With Burning Tongues LP 


ETERNITY - Pestiferous Hymns - Rev. I-I-XXXIII LP 


More to follow...tons of new stock arriving almost daily. Of note, I will be getting a good amount of stuff from At War With False Noise, to include the new BONG/PYRAMIDION Split LP - should be killer. Also expecting some of the new Earache Records re-issues and a Svart Records refresh. 




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