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PO: Palms - S/T (Chino Moreno + ex-Isis members)

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CD also available on amazon for $1.01 cheaper than vinyl.


1. Future Warrior

2. Patagonia

3. Mission Sunset

4. Shortwave Radio

5. Tropics

6. Antarctic Handshake



Tropics (Unmastered Leak (from Chino himself)):



I love the cover. Discuss...

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All this hype and only 6 songs?





Also that song is kinda boring



The songs are supposedly really long according to Chino so the album is supposed to clock in around 40-something minutes. Pretty standard duration. I'll reserve judgement til I hear the whole thing. I do like this song but I can see people thinking its boring.

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I dig this new song. I'm sure I'll have no problem preordering this album as soon as I feel financially confident in doing so.



EDIT: Also, I just noticed on the official palmsband.com it mentions the vinyl will be 2XLP!?


I thought this was going to fit on a single LP. I guess the amazon price is that much better in light of this new development.

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me too, it went from being a good deal to almost a rip off now


This is why you ALWAYS pre-order the instant it's available to do so, they don't charge you until it ships, you get the lowest price it drops to, and you can cancel at any time without penalty.  It's a no lose situation (except for the one time I forgot to cancel and ended up with a $35 LP that was retailing for $15, but that's my fault).

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