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PO: Palms - S/T (Chino Moreno + ex-Isis members)

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Looks like we miscounted how many PALMS tapes we received, and some straggling copies are actually still available in our Online Store:




Snagged 1 of these as well over the weekend, excited to get it!

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Does anybody own this album on black vinyl?  I have a white copy, was listening to it yesterday and it bothers me how noisy the record is.  Wondering if any of the other variants sound better.  If so, I'm going to trade up my white for something else, preferably black.  Love this record... haven't heard anything about another release but I hope that happens.

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I had a feeling it was just the white variant that is loaded with surface noise.  I have had bad experiences with white colored vinyl in the past.  I originally had the white SRC Hum YPAA and it was awful too, I got rid of it and picked up a black one and it sounds great.


Sorry to have bumped up this old thread to get some quality opinions, I hope I didn't get anyone too excited that it might be news about new stuff.  But since we're talking about Palms.... the last mention of a follow-up to this album was on one of the social media outlets months and months ago.  I think it may have just been a picture of some recording software showing that work was being done on a new album.  Has anyone heard anything more?

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Four total variants according to Ipecac's Facebook post - 

We've brought back the out-of-print vinyl in four new 2LP Gatefold variants:

Standard Pink Glass,

Indie Opaque White,

Ipecac Peach Swirl /1000

REVOLVER Magazine Silver Fox /350




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9 hours ago, MayCauseDeath said:

I own the OG and have tried multiple times and I just can’t get into chino on vocals for this. It’s never worked for me. 

Kind of the same here. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to it so I’ll have to give it another listen, but I remember being so excited for this when it was first announced, being a big fan of everyone’s previous work, but then it never quite clicked for me or lived up to the expectations of how good I thought it should be. But, I probably had unfair expectations of it. 

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