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FS: Apple / Android Accessories $10ppd Bundle -


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bundles still available 


i also have some android, blackberry style chargers and hopefully ac blocks to match, either way, all ac blocks do the same. except for nokia. those are bitches. THESE ANDROID CABLES ARE NOT NEW. i will still throw in the apple headphones and an appropriate ac block for your specified USB cable. still $10ppd. these were thrown in with our batch during the project, i dont even know how many i have, but ill try and work things out with people




$10ppd bundle includes:

-apple iphone 5 headphones

-apple USB for iphone 4/4S/5 - please specify

-apple AC block 


*yes, these are authentic apple accessories 



US only please!



Also for sale are the following - please add this to the bundle if interested, i dont have many mailers, just barely enough THE ITEMS BELOW AREN'T NEW


2 Gigaware Car Chargers for iPhone 4/4S w/ USB port - $8 each



4 Motorola Double USB's 5v AC Blocks - $2 each




Case Logic iPhone 5 case - soft/hard rubber - purple is soft, light blue is hard, the whole back is blue - $6


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This might be a silly question, but are there any "authentic" charger cables that are longer than 3'?

im not sure if apple actually makes them, but i know the apple store carries belkin 6ft cables



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